Q: How does wireless internet work?
A: It is a technology that uses radio frequencies to transmit and receive data at broadband speeds. You don’t need an ADSL phone line, so you can move around in the area covered by your router and still enjoy connectivity. Broadband Wireless internet is noticeably faster than an adsl line, or dial-up,  and your connection stays on as long as your router is on.

Q: What are the main benefits of wireless internet?
A: It is fast, efficient, always on and offers connectivity within a certain area on all your devices, be it your pc, laptop, tablet or cell phone. You can get connected quickly and efficiently, possibly within a matter of hours if you are within LUNA’s coverage area. You don’t need to wait for a fiber or ADSL line to be installed.

Q: Why should I use Luna?
A: Luna owns all of its own infrastructure to ensure our customers are getting a quality network on which to operate. We use fibre optic input connections on our backhaul infrastructure to provide a proper broadband services. We can do this substantially more quickly than new fibre can be laid and tested.

Q: What does the fibre technology entail?
We install an antenna outside your premises and connect your network to our wireless mesh before we enable the services you have selected.

Q: What can I do with broadband internet?
 You have fully functional internet access, which means you can use Skype, MSN Messenger and similar programmes; you can play online games, do online banking and download anything from the internet.

Q: What packages are available?
A: We have different packages available for households and businesses. All of our packages are uncapped. Access our home packages and business packages.

Q: Can I have a voice service as well with my internet?

Q: If I have voice service, does it affect my data service?
 It would best that we set up a VLAN for you, so the data is not affected by the voice traffic and the voice is not affected by the data usage.

Q: Do you have a fair usage policy on the uncapped products, will you throttle my account?
 Our fair usage policy (FUP) is between 200 – 300Gigs per month on home packages (there is no FUP for our business packages). We may shape a user’s link, after this point if necessary.

Q: Is your service unshaped?
A: We do not shape our packages. However, we do not give Torrents preference during business hours (7am – 7pm).

Q: How do I check my usage?
Login on our Customer Portal page, providing your username and password and follow the instructions. Then click on the data usage link.

Q: What happens if I move home or office?
 We are able to relocate clients’ equipment if they move premises, provided they have line of sight at their new address. This will be at a charge of R950.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my contract?
 Clients can cancel their contract if necessary. Penalty fees will be payable according to the contract.

Q: Why am I using so much data when I am not downloading much information?
Background downloads usually causes high data usage that customers are unaware of. Some programmes download data in the background that you are unaware of, such as Microsoft Windows Update; Antivirus Software such as Norton and File Sharing Software such as Limewire.

Q: How do I get in touch with LUNA?
A: Email us at

Q: How much is the installation costs?
There is an installation cost of R1 999 (ex VAT). We make no profit on this. Please view Packages for more information.

Q: How long does installation take?
 From the date we receive your contract, you can expect to have your connection up and running within seven working days.

Q: What is included with an installation?
Our standard installations consist of a dish, bracket, cable run and Mikrotik router.

Q: Do I get a router with the installation?

Q: Does weather affect the signal?
A: Severe weather conditions may impact your signal, but this rarely happens.

Q: Which areas are covered by LUNA?
 Check out our coverage map.

Q: Why do you require a clear line of sight to an access point?
A: Our technology requires a clear line of sight. Trees and buildings are obstacles and we will not be able to complete a successful installation at your premises, except if you are very close to one of our access points or hotspots, or if you are in an area where there is very little interference. If we are able to erect a mast where we can fix your antennae so that it is unobscured, we can do a successful installation at your premises.

Q: How does the signal strength and quality work?
Information is transported in packets between the access point and your computer. After each packet is received, an error check is done. If the packet was corrupted due to poor signal or signal distortion, the information will be sent again, which decreases speed.

Q: How do I get in touch with LUNA?

Q: What are your support hours?
 Our support team is on standby from 7am to 10pm.

Need help? Email our support team 24/7 at