Why are you still paying for fixed-line costs that don’t give you what you deserve?! Luna’s uncapped packages offer fast, reliable broadband speeds.


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LUNA was founded on the basis that EVERY community deserves a good quality, reliable broadband service that can be delivered at an affordable rate.

Most of the current Fibre deployed around the city by private service providers are found in areas traditionally associated with higher consumer spending on connectivity (the larnie areas). Its easier for companies to recoup their costs because people are willing to pay a higher price for what they think is a better service.

But what happens when these service providers don’t come here? And what if the pricing is unreasonable for you? Underperforming ADSL and other stop-gap technology is what happens.

The truth is, a broadband service doesn’t have to put you out of pocket if it is scaled properly, and our fibre-powered wireless services offer a duidelik alternative to what people currently have access to. LUNA’s  vision is to be the leading wireless and fibre internet service provider to under-serviced communities in Cape Town. We own all our own infrastructure to ensure that our customers all get a quality of service they deserve, and what we would want for ourselves. We serve home users and small-to-medium sized businesses, customised for different uses. Click here to check if your area has coverage.

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LUNA provides cost-effective, high-speed broadband connectivity solutions for your household or business-from-home needs.
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